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40 million people have a change of address every year.

80% of them move within their city borders.

Orange CA Movers

40 million people have a change of address every year. 80% of them move within their city borders. The rest either move in a different city within the state, change state or move out of the country altogether. Usually because they found a better job opportunity, or because the market they served has been exhausted (in the case of companies) and they need to expand to new markets, or simply because they need a change of scenery.

The reason does not matter. What matters is that when the time comes for you to move from one place to another, you will need a company that is reliable, dependable, on time and above all taking extra special care that all your belongings reach their destination in one piece and completely unscathed from the process.

Contacting professional movers means that if you want us to handle all the details, we will visit your premises beforehand, provide you with a total cost for what you need, have our crews show up at your doorstep at the pre-arranged date and the agreed upon time, package every single piece of your household, load it into our trucks, transfer it to its destination and then see to it that everything is unloaded and positioned in your new environment according to your instructions.

There will be no hidden fees in this process, no delays and whatever difficulty shows up in the middle of it, we will handle it for you or with you. The same stand true if you decide to participate in the process and either pack your belongings on your own or oversee what we do so that you can be sure that everything is carried out as per your wishes.

We will also help you disassemble and re-assemble any and all pieces of furniture, equipment or machinery that requires such an action to be moved. Especially as far as the machinery is concerned, should there be a case where very delicate equipment is to be handled, our specialized department can either coordinate with whomever is responsible or proceed with the necessary actions through the efforts of our highly trained and experienced personnel.

OC Movers

Orange county. Orange, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, Beach, Niguel and Woods, Irvine, Newport and Huntington Beaches and other neighboring cities expanded in a total area of 3,200 square miles that is the home of 3.2 million people. Just by the statistics of it, 320,000 of them would need to move from one place to another every year in this area alone.

Within these people, some would require a residential moving, some would like to have their offices moved, and some others would need a total relocation of their businesses. These people, at one point or another, will require the assistance of a professional crew of movers to help them through the procedure and the experience. Either this might be to move down the street and around the next corner, to another city in California, another state,or out of the country altogether.

Orange CA Movers offers its services to the people of Orange County. Services that are offered by trained and experienced professionals that have been helping people to turn a new page in their lives for quite a number of years.Professionals that have dedicated themselves in upholding the principles of safety, reliability, speed, promptness and trust when they offer their services.

Our company is based in the city of Orange, it is fully licensed, registered with the California DMV and has been offering its services for many years. We have used these years to build a good and strong brand name. A name that has been based on the trust that we have built with our clientele. A trust that has been voiced in the reviews and referrals that they have been furnishing us with.

To continue the chain that builds a reputation, the aforementioned reviews and referrals depict what we do for our clients. We help them move safely, reliably, with ease and at the most affordable and competitive rates of the market. So when it’s time for you to need our services and you are a resident of Orange County, just pick up the phone and call (714) 922-6400 and let us do for you what we do for all our clients.

Take care of every single detail of your moving to a new address.

Professional Moving Services

The definition of a mover’s job is to help other people move. Households include beds, libraries, desks, tables, furniture, clothing, displays, TVs, computers, armchairs, kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment and the list can fill up many pages. Unless every person that moves to a new house owns a truck it is impossible to move everything by loading the family’s cars.

If a business is involved the list is augmented by assets, possible inventory, machinery, computer networks that will have to be taken down and rebuilt,records in paper folders etc… In this case there is an additional restriction that has to be observed at all times. No mistakes or delays are allowed as the company must be back in business immediately. The same day if possible.Again it is impractical to try and move everything without the assistance of some professional moving crews.

The moving industry has been built and flourished around covering the above needs. The same premise is also the base that a lot of peripheral industries have evolved. Those who produce the packaging supplies, the dollies, the rollers and everything else that is used for a moving, also make their livelihood from the 40 million people that have a change of address every year on average.

Every professional company maintains an administrative department which does the logistics, sets the schedules, responds to the phone calls, signs the contracts of cooperation and provide you with every piece of information that you require. Their job is to set the stage so that all your requirements are met and accommodated.

However it is the movers and the drivers that actually make things happen. It is them who will come to your remises, handle your belongings with care and professionalism and take them through the ordeal in one piece and undamaged. First of all, in order to be able to provide these services, moving companies must be fully licensed, insured and registered to the departments of motor vehicles.

Office and Business Movers

Moving a company is a little bit trickier than moving a residence. Companies must maintain their operations at all times if they are to keep and increase their place in the market. Which means that they cannot afford to miss a single day of doing business. Consequently every detail will have to be planned well in advance and no issues are to be left to chance.

It is a very rare instance that a company will have to move overnight. It is rather fair to say that it almost never happens unless there are very extenuating circumstances. In 99.9% of the cases the decision is taken well in advance by whoever decides about such things and a process of receiving offers begins. It still is about business and profit so the offers must meet certain criteria. The price must be right, the planning must be right and above all there must be trust established between the two companies that everything will be handled with extreme care and in such a way that business will resume as usual after the change of address is completed.

The usual process in moving an office or a business is to arrange a date where our crew drops off the packaging equipment. Boxes, wrapping plastic, tape, pads, Styrofoam, confetti, etc… Then each of the employees packages their own stuff and marks the boxes appropriately at their own pace. A person should always keep a list of things to do and always make sure that every step is promptly taken. When the moving day comes, the crews arrive to pick up the packages, load them up onto the trucks, take them to their destination, unload them and place them as indicated.

Other arrangements are made if there is disassembly and re-assembly of equipment required, or if some of the things will have to be moved to the new location a few days in advance so that they are available immediately. In many cases a moving is also an opportunity to discard old and useless material that has been filling up the warehouses or taking up space that could be used for other purposes. It is within the services we provide to load the discarded material and onto our trucks and see to it that they are properly disposed of.


Residential Movers

Getting married is nice, ain’t it? However, it also means that you get to move to a nice new house that will accommodate both you, the spouse and the upcoming family members (dogs and cats included…). Found a better paying job in another city? Again. It also means that you need to move to a new address and this time even further away.

There are plenty of more reasons for you to move from one place to another either willingly or not. To do that you will have to package all your belongings into boxes, take extra special care for the breakables and wrap everything in plastic so that it will be safe from damage or scratching. Then, unless you own your own truck or trucks, you will have to strike a deal with a moving company that will load the boxes and the furniture along with the rest of your equipment onto their trucks, take them to your new address, unload them and place them to their new positions.

The question inevitably becomes if you can or want to handle all the above on your own and take care of the endless details that are involved and the unexpected situations that may arise, instead of hiring a professional crew to do the job for you.

The entire procedure as described above can be handled by a crew of professional movers who know exactly how to do it and have actually done it many times in the past. People that can come to your house, bring as many boxes as necessary, along with plastic wrappings, tape and everything else, package your belongings, load them on the trucks, transfer them to your new address, unload them, unpack them and you get to do the decorating according to your own style and likings at your leisure.

Local Moving Services

Every change of address that has the old and the new address within the greater metroplex area is considered as local moving. The term does not only concern moving of households or businesses. It also concerns moving of a few boxes or just a piece of furniture from point A to point B. Whatever the load, the full range of services includes:

  • Loading at the point of departure and unloading at the point of destination of every piece to be moved.
  • Packaging of any and all pieces either partial or complete.
  • Padding and wrapping of items as needed.
  • Any disassembly and re-assembly of machinery and equipment required at both departure and destination addresses.
  • The use of equipment like rollers and dollies as required.

It is a usual situation to be reckless in a local moving situation. Movers can be in extra hurry and become lax in their observation of safety rules that concern the handling of other people’s belongings. Even more so if the distance from point A to point B is just around the corner or a few blocks down the street.

Long Distance Movers

Every year 600,000 people have a reason to move from one city to another within the same state, from one state to another or out of the country altogether. This is definitely a need that needs to be accommodated and definitely a need that requires a little extra attention both in the handling of the items to be moved and in the arrangements made for the transportation.

Long distance moving involves just about the same services as any kind of moving. Packaging of the household or business and office materials and equipment that needs to be moved, loading in trucks, unloading and placing in position at the destination.

Since it is improbable that any long distance moving is a last minute decision or a last minute arrangement, it provides the opportunity to carefully pack everything and take all the necessary precautions so that everything is safely and securely wrapped to remain intact during the transport procedure especially if other means of transportation than trucks are required.

It is very rare that a local moving company owns and operates a rather large fleet of trucks that can be sent all around the country. Even more so if these trucks need to deliver their cargo to the local airport where it will be loaded onto a plane and picked up by another truck at the airport of the plane’s arrival. Usually such fleets are owned and operated by the much larger nationwide transportation companies that connect everything to everything.

Packing and Wrapping

Moving a household or an office is an art for the seasoned professional. An art that directs how things are going to be handled so that the first rule of safety is always applicable. All the belongings of the person or persons moving must reach their destination in one piece. Period.
To accomplish this, movers, over the years, have developed a few techniques to put in effect when the time comes. Let’s discuss some of them.

Wrapping of furniture

Glass furniture must be disassembled and re-assembled at the destination.There is no other way that a glass table can be safely moved. Then each glass piece is to be carefully wrapped in soft protective clothing and then put in boxes filled with soft foam bedding.
The same stands true for metal furniture even though it may look as less damageable. It can still be scratched, bent and rendered unusable in any number of ways. This is why it is recommended that it too is taken apart, put in boxes and re-assembled at the destination. The wrapping with soft clothing and foam bedding may be replaced with Styrofoam in the boxes.
Wooden furniture is a whole different ball of wax. It cannot be taken apart and re-assembled, so other protective measures have to be applied. The recommended procedure is to wrap all pieces with cloth and then with industry standard plastic wrap. Then dollies and rollers are used as required to load the furniture onto the trucks and cover them with blankets for even greater protection.
An additional level of safety is rendered with careful planning of the placement of furniture in the trucks so that any friction or bumping between them or between the furniture and the sides of the truck is avoided.

Moving Tips

Having to do with professionals means that they take care of everything. We strongly recommend that you trust us to package your belongings, take care of everything that needs to be disassembled prior to moving, load everything to our trucks, unload the boxes at their destination and put everything back together wherever you want. If things are done this way, the full responsibility is on our shoulders and it is what we do for a living to take it off yours.

Nevertheless, it is you that always has the last say on the subject. If you decide to do some things on your own in order to have absolute control on the way they are done, we would be neglecting our duties, if we did not give you a few tips on how to pack your belongings for moving. This is for our benefit as well because if you do things right you will make our job a lot easier.

Here is what you should do:

HDR image of two trucks in transportation route

1) Supplies.

To move a household needs cartons, boxes, plastic and bubble wraps, packaging tape and paper, blankets and Styrofoam. You will need those to pack your stuff and you will need plenty. Any moving company can sell you some, or you can get them from supermarkets and grocery stores sometimes for free. Buying them from the moving company will even get you a refund if you have any leftovers and sell them back.

At least 10 boxes must be kept empty and kept aside for the last minute packaging that always exists, including the cleaning supplies and all other stuff that is used until the very last minute.


2) Wardrobe boxes.

These are tall boxes that are used for comforters, blankets, pillows and whatever other pieces of clothing that need to remain hanging like suites. Usually these can either be bought from the movers or brought by them on the moving date. If this is the case you need to know their measurements in advance, in order to determine how many you will need.

Fragile Items Transportation

In various pages of our site we have included tips and pieces of information about how to properly package your belongings when it is time to move from one place to another. We have provided tips on how to package the kitchen breakables, the furniture, the house appliances, the computers and almost every other item that belongs in a household or a business. Now it’s time to discuss about the transportation of what can easily be called as the nightmare of every mover. The fragile items.

The term incorporates all these little decorative or very rarely used things like china, glass ornaments, knick knacks, glass displays and shelves and every other item that if not properly handled can be easily damaged or destroyed. It is of course understood that whatever can be disassembled to smaller pieces and put into protective boxes should be handled in this way.

The most important issue involved here is to package these items first and taking your time while doing it. Unless we are talking about same day moving where it is very strongly suggested that you go for the professional moving crews that have been properly trained and are very experienced in handling fragile stuff with safety.

If you insist on packaging them on your own, make sure that those that have cavities, these are filled with paper and then every single piece is wrapped in protective soft cloth or wrapping paper and placed in boxes filled with soft foam beddings or confetti that will absorb any vibration. It is advisable that these boxes are made of wood which will limit any chance of squeezing the contents between two other heavy items.

Free Quote

The rate for a moving service is dependent upon many factors. The distance to be covered is the first consideration. It is understandable that the greater it is the more gas will be used and therefore, the rate will be a little higher. Which is not really a consideration when it comes to multiple means of transportation as it happens with relocating to other states or out of the country altogether.

Other issues that are taken into account are the number of trucks that will be required, the number of drivers and the number of assistants. It will also be factored in the calculations the level of services required. It is quite a different thing to just load and unload the property to be moved, than to go in, pack everything and offer the full set of services that ends in unpacking your belongings at the final destination.

Add to the above any contracts between transport companies that may have to be used especially in relocations between cities and the cost of any packaging materials used, and the rate is finalized and given to the client. At the end, when it is time for settling the account, any unused packaging material is deducted and the final invoice is issued.

Many companies have hidden rates when they give their quotations to their clients. Not Orange CA Movers. Our rates remain as quoted in the beginning unless you decide to add or remove services to the original agreement. When you call us at (714) 922-6400 we will inquire about what exactly it is that you want to do before we offer you our quotation. This is the part that is free.

In more complicated situations it may be necessary for one of our experienced agents to visit your premises, assess the needs according to your requirements and offer you a quotation at that time. In any case the rate that you will be given will be most reasonable, affordable and as competitive as any in the market and it will remain so until every single piece that you want us to move is safely placed in its new location.

At your request the rates may include the standard or an additional insurance should your own insurance policy does not offer you enough coverage for your purposes of the specific instance. Just ask for whatever it is that you need. And you will be welcome to receive our free quote.

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