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Fragile Items Transportation

In various pages of our site we have included tips and pieces of information about how to properly package your belongings when it is time to move from one place to another. We have provided tips on how to package the kitchen breakables, the furniture, the house appliances, the computers and almost every other item that belongs in a household or a business. Now it’s time to discuss about the transportation of what can easily be called as the nightmare of every mover. The fragile items.

The term incorporates all these little decorative or very rarely used things like china, glass ornaments, knick knacks, glass displays and shelves and every other item that if not properly handled can be easily damaged or destroyed. It is of course understood that whatever can be disassembled to smaller pieces and put into protective boxes should be handled in this way.

The most important issue involved here is to package these items first and taking your time while doing it. Unless we are talking about same day moving where it is very strongly suggested that you go for the professional moving crews that have been properly trained and are very experienced in handling fragile stuff with safety.

If you insist on packaging them on your own, make sure that those that have cavities, these are filled with paper and then every single piece is wrapped in protective soft cloth or wrapping paper and placed in boxes filled with soft foam beddings or confetti that will absorb any vibration. It is advisable that these boxes are made of wood which will limit any chance of squeezing the contents between two other heavy items.