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Experienced moving crews handle fragile things much in the same way. In addition to what has been described above, they include some planning in the process so that these fragile things will be placed in such a position in the
trucks that there will be no risk of a heavier object falling on top of them or any collisions with other boxes will have no effect whatsoever. In fact in long distance moving the boxes with the fragile things are placed on and covered with blankets for even more protection.

If there are pieces of a household or a business that the principle of safety needs to be applied at its maximum, those are the fragile pieces. Most of the times they are also the most expensive and most valuable pieces especially if they are old antiques and family history reminders which means that it is even worth sacrificing time in order to properly secure them so that they arrive in their destination in one piece.

Even if you want to handle everything on your own, we strongly suggest that you leave the handling of the fragile stuff to the professional crews that Orange CA Movers employees. When it’s time to move to a new address all you need to do is pick up the phone and call (714) 922-6400 to receive all the pertinent information on how we will handle your breakables for you. Including how much it will cost you. We guarantee that the rate will be most affordable, reasonable and as competitive as any in the market.