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40 million people have a change of address every year. 80% of them move within their city borders. The rest either move in a different city within the state, change state or move out of the country altogether. Usually because they found a better job opportunity, or because the market they served has been exhausted (in the case of companies) and they need to expand to new markets, or simply because they need a change of scenery.

The reason does not matter. What matters is that when the time comes for you to move from one place to another, you will need a company that is reliable, dependable, on time and above all taking extra special care that all your belongings reach their destination in one piece and completely unscathed from the process.

Contacting professional movers means that if you want us to handle all the details, we will visit your premises beforehand, provide you with a total cost for what you need, have our crews show up at your doorstep at the pre-arranged date and the agreed upon time, package every single piece of your household, load it into our trucks, transfer it to its destination and then see to it that everything is unloaded and positioned in your new environment according to your instructions.

There will be no hidden fees in this process, no delays and whatever difficulty shows up in the middle of it, we will handle it for you or with you. The same stand true if you decide to participate in the process and either pack your belongings on your own or oversee what we do so that you can be sure that everything is carried out as per your wishes.

We will also help you disassemble and re-assemble any and all pieces of furniture, equipment or machinery that requires such an action to be moved. Especially as far as the machinery is concerned, should there be a case where very delicate equipment is to be handled, our specialized department can either coordinate with whomever is responsible or proceed with the necessary actions through the efforts of our highly trained and experienced personnel.