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Local Moving Services

Every change of address that has the old and the new address within the greater metroplex area is considered as local moving. The term does not only concern moving of households or businesses. It also concerns moving of a few boxes or just a piece of furniture from point A to point B. Whatever the load, the full range of services includes:

  • Loading at the point of departure and unloading at the point of destination of every piece to be moved.
  • Packaging of any and all pieces either partial or complete.
  • Padding and wrapping of items as needed.
  • Any disassembly and re-assembly of machinery and equipment required at both departure and destination addresses.
  • The use of equipment like rollers and dollies as required.

It is a usual situation to be reckless in a local moving situation. Movers can be in extra hurry and become lax in their observation of safety rules that concern the handling of other people’s belongings. Even more so if the distance from point A to point B is just around the corner or a few blocks down the street.