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Moving Tips

Having to do with professionals means that they take care of everything. We strongly recommend that you trust us to package your belongings, take care of everything that needs to be disassembled prior to moving, load everything to our trucks, unload the boxes at their destination and put everything back together wherever you want. If things are done this way, the full responsibility is on our shoulders and it is what we do for a living to take it off yours.

Nevertheless, it is you that always has the last say on the subject. If you decide to do some things on your own in order to have absolute control on the way they are done, we would be neglecting our duties, if we did not give you a few tips on how to pack your belongings for moving. This is for our benefit as well because if you do things right you will make our job a lot easier.

Here is what you should do:

HDR image of two trucks in transportation route

1) Supplies.

To move a household needs cartons, boxes, plastic and bubble wraps, packaging tape and paper, blankets and Styrofoam. You will need those to pack your stuff and you will need plenty. Any moving company can sell you some, or you can get them from supermarkets and grocery stores sometimes for free. Buying them from the moving company will even get you a refund if you have any leftovers and sell them back.

At least 10 boxes must be kept empty and kept aside for the last minute packaging that always exists, including the cleaning supplies and all other stuff that is used until the very last minute.


2) Wardrobe boxes.

These are tall boxes that are used for comforters, blankets, pillows and whatever other pieces of clothing that need to remain hanging like suites. Usually these can either be bought from the movers or brought by them on the moving date. If this is the case you need to know their measurements in advance, in order to determine how many you will need.