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7) Important documentation

Birth certificates, identification, contracts, bank records or any other documents of the sort should never be packed. They are to be placed in a separate bag which is to remain with your person at all times. If necessary follow the same instructions as for the valuables in reference to entrusting them to a relative or a close friend.

All the instructions above can be applied either for a residential or for a change of address of an office or a business. Nevertheless, there is still one more instruction that should be taken under serious consideration when it comes to moving a company. Regardless of the technological advancement that has the vast majority of records kept in electronic form, there are still a lot of paper folders and other paperwork that will need to be moved. Paper is a very misleading substance.While it looks so light, when packed in volume, it will create havoc as far as weight is concerned. Never fill up boxes with paper all the way. Depending on their size they should only be half full or ¾ full.

Computers, peripherals and other machinery should be repackaged in their original boxes. Unfortunately, most of us consider those boxes as taking up a lot of space and throw them away. This is a big mistake as these boxes have been specially designed to transfer these things safely. If this is the case, then you should get the special containers that every moving company offers for this kind of equipment. They may be a little more expensive but it is well
worth it if you need them to keep your business up and running.

All moving companies have specialized personnel that is used to assemble and take apart whatever piece of equipment or machinery that cannot be moved otherwise. This is a process best handled by people sent by the manufacturers or by people that you have hired for the purpose of taking care of these things. The reason for that being that they have better knowledge of these machines. If neither of the above options is available then it is better not to take risks and trust this job to professionals.

If you are one of the lucky ones that may never have to move being born at the family lineage house, then the above should only concern you in the case of moving your business. However for forty million other people per year all the
above are critical information that will save them a lot of trouble.

If all the above sound too much for you to handle and if you are among those forty million people, we would suggest that you pick up the phone and call (714) 922-6400. We will handle all the details to your satisfaction and you will not have to pay an arm and a leg for it as our rates our most reasonable, affordable and as competitive as any you can find in the market.