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Office and Business Movers

Moving a company is a little bit trickier than moving a residence. Companies must maintain their operations at all times if they are to keep and increase their place in the market. Which means that they cannot afford to miss a single day of doing business. Consequently every detail will have to be planned well in advance and no issues are to be left to chance.

It is a very rare instance that a company will have to move overnight. It is rather fair to say that it almost never happens unless there are very extenuating circumstances. In 99.9% of the cases the decision is taken well in advance by whoever decides about such things and a process of receiving offers begins. It still is about business and profit so the offers must meet certain criteria. The price must be right, the planning must be right and above all there must be trust established between the two companies that everything will be handled with extreme care and in such a way that business will resume as usual after the change of address is completed.

The usual process in moving an office or a business is to arrange a date where our crew drops off the packaging equipment. Boxes, wrapping plastic, tape, pads, Styrofoam, confetti, etc… Then each of the employees packages their own stuff and marks the boxes appropriately at their own pace. A person should always keep a list of things to do and always make sure that every step is promptly taken. When the moving day comes, the crews arrive to pick up the packages, load them up onto the trucks, take them to their destination, unload them and place them as indicated.

Other arrangements are made if there is disassembly and re-assembly of equipment required, or if some of the things will have to be moved to the new location a few days in advance so that they are available immediately. In many cases a moving is also an opportunity to discard old and useless material that has been filling up the warehouses or taking up space that could be used for other purposes. It is within the services we provide to load the discarded material and onto our trucks and see to it that they are properly disposed of.