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However, this is not the only way things could be handled. Many times, in order to keep the store open until Friday afternoon and re-open again on Monday, businesses opt to squeeze everything within a weekend or even a Sunday. This puts additional pressure to both the employees and the movers, should the case be that the employees help in the moving.

For the moving crews it does not matter. Orange CA Movers’ crews have been trained and have the necessary experience to perform at their best even at the most emergency of circumstances and at very restricting time constraints. Having less time to do things does not mean that the services lack. It just means that we do everything the same way but faster.

For us it’s a matter of trust. Our customer trusts us to have an office up and running on Monday morning. Money means nothing in this equation. This trust means a lot more. If we cannot manage to begin our work in the morning, package everything with extreme care, load them to our trucks and have everything positioned, unpacked and re-assembled at their destination by nightfall, we cannot have our clientele’s trust. And if we cannot have this
trust we will be out of business. The years that we have been doing this mean that we do have the trust of our clients and therefore we do our job right.

Therefore, when you decide that it is time for your company to have a change of address look no further. Pick up the phone and call (714) 922-6400. Our price will be right. The most affordable, reasonable and competitive that you will find. Our services will be right. We will handle everything to your satisfaction at any level of involvement that you want us to have. And our planning will be right if you decide to let us handle all the details from top to bottom.