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Packing and Wrapping

Moving a household or an office is an art for the seasoned professional. An art that directs how things are going to be handled so that the first rule of safety is always applicable. All the belongings of the person or persons moving must reach their destination in one piece. Period.
To accomplish this, movers, over the years, have developed a few techniques to put in effect when the time comes. Let’s discuss some of them.

Wrapping of furniture

Glass furniture must be disassembled and re-assembled at the destination.There is no other way that a glass table can be safely moved. Then each glass piece is to be carefully wrapped in soft protective clothing and then put in boxes filled with soft foam bedding.
The same stands true for metal furniture even though it may look as less damageable. It can still be scratched, bent and rendered unusable in any number of ways. This is why it is recommended that it too is taken apart, put in boxes and re-assembled at the destination. The wrapping with soft clothing and foam bedding may be replaced with Styrofoam in the boxes.
Wooden furniture is a whole different ball of wax. It cannot be taken apart and re-assembled, so other protective measures have to be applied. The recommended procedure is to wrap all pieces with cloth and then with industry standard plastic wrap. Then dollies and rollers are used as required to load the furniture onto the trucks and cover them with blankets for even greater protection.
An additional level of safety is rendered with careful planning of the placement of furniture in the trucks so that any friction or bumping between them or between the furniture and the sides of the truck is avoided.