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Kitchen Equipment

Dishes, cups, glasses, jars, etc… All easily breakable. The first thing is NOT to pack them in the same box as the silverware and any other metallic utensils like sauce pans and frying pans. The recommended packaging for these items is to first fill them up with paper and then wrap them inside either soft cloth or more paper individually. Then place them carefully inside wooden boxes filled with Styrofoam or confetti.

Packing of appliances

While refrigerators, kitchen ovens and other big household appliance can be transferred much in the same way as furniture, there are myriads of small appliances that need a different kind of packaging. Microwave ovens, toasters, fryers, bread-makers, coffee-makers and other such appliances should be packed in the special boxes that exist for this purpose and not thrown on top of the other stuff in the trucks as is the usual procedure with unprofessional companies.

When it’s time to have a change of address and you want to be certain that everything is properly packaged and wrapped, just pick up the phone and call (714) 922-6400. We will put our top priority rule to work at the most affordable, reasonable and competitive rates of the market.