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It may sound easy but it actually is not. It takes some planning and some thinking on what should be packed where and in which order. It takes even more consideration to load the boxes in the proper order in the trucks so that when they come out they go straight to where they are supposed to without causing delays and unnecessary mix ups. And then it takes professional drivers and handlers so that everything remains in one piece and undamaged during the process.

It could be argued that all of the above can be handled without any professional assistance. However there is always an issue that is irreplaceable when a professional crew is used. It is called insurance and it is the little issue that gets you a compensation if anything is damaged or destroyed during the transportation phase.

Thankfully Orange CA Movers’ record on the subject is flawless. We have managed to avoid all mishaps and all sorts of unforeseeable circumstances thus far. However, since there are always conditions that can get out of our control, we make sure that all our clients and their belongings are fully insured.

The same insurance is offered whether you only want us to load and unload your belongings onto our trucks, pack and unpack or get involved in whatever manner you deem necessary. However, insurance is not the point of the exercise. The point is to build trust. The point is to make our clients understand that they have everything to gain by entrusting the details of their change of address to a professional crew like us. It is to gain the positive reviews and referrals that are much more important than money on the road to a good and strong brand name like ours.

So, when it is time to change your address, there is only one thing to do. Pick up the phone and call (714) 922-6400. You will receive all the pertinent information about your moving, an appointment for a moving day or an assessment of the necessities and a rate which will have no hidden charges unless you add or remove services. You will be surprised on how reasonable, affordable and competitive our rates are compared to the rest of the market.